Consumers are protected by an area of law called "product liability." When the use of products, such as automobiles, household products or industrial machinery, results in personal injury the effects can be life-changing. When products have been designed or manufactured incorrectly or are subject to false advertising, innocent people can fall victim to catastrophic injuries or wrongful death.

Products can become dangerous at any point in the chain of distribution, thus making anyone in the chain potentially liable for personal injuries

Products become available to consumers through a series phases including, design, manufacture and distribution by wholesalers, retailers and suppliers. Products can become dangerous or defective at any phase thus making everyone in the chain potentially liable for personal injuries caused by the products they handle. If you or a loved one has been affected by a Defective Product, it's important to retain legal representation from a attorney experienced with product liability lawsuits. Recovering from injuries caused by dangerous products, or moving beyond the loss of a loved, can result in debilitating mental anguish and a reduced quality of life. The process of investigating the circumstances, exposing negligence and calculating the total damages requires experience in Texas personal injury and trial law.

The Texas personal injury attorneys of Ross Law Group have a reputation for piercing investigations, fierce negotiations and effective litigation. Our trial lawyers recognize acceptable and fair settlement offers, and when negotiation fails we prepare to fight Defective Product cases in trial.

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The seasoned Texas trial attorneys of Ross Law Group work with complex personal injury claims every day. Avoid the common pitfalls of settlement negotiation with an experienced personal injury attorney on your side. Our injury lawyers are familiar with both the victim's medical recovery as well as what to expect from the responsible party's lawyers. And should your case go to trial, you want a legal team with a reputation for winning personal injury cases.